Phillip Schofield


Was on TV... Sent a tweet.....Never seen in public again

Just in case you missed the pic, Here's Chelsea, she's on the show today

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1937 days ago

Just in case you missed the pic, Here's Chelsea, she's on the show today


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graciedotjewels 1883 days ago

that's got to hurt

beezknez 1931 days ago

How does she drive ? How does passenger ? I bet the Aaaah Bra doesn't have her size ..

robinson1312 1934 days ago

bloody hell

vintage_1986 1936 days ago

she must have to cart them round on a trolley!! jeeeeeez!

KatSprat 1936 days ago

Oh. My. God.

keepcalmandbeit 1937 days ago

que nojo

SexySwagBieber 1937 days ago

holy crap :O

heeybruubs 1937 days ago

nooossaa cara quee PEITÃAOO velhoooo ! :|

Danilo_maa 1937 days ago

se não der 20 litros eu chuto balde...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

cafanty 1937 days ago

deus qui mi livre o_O

hiyawata 1937 days ago

Another radical solution for a face lift...

lucyates 1937 days ago

She was lovely and she has a gr8 figure but you couldn't see it because of her boobs!

KirstyGamage 1937 days ago

OMG thats just skank

fuckyeahhjustin 1937 days ago

speaking of 2 big hills

palmstradamus 1937 days ago

Speaking of"there'll be some swelling"

JessAraujoo 1937 days ago

sorry, sorry, but it is ridiculous ! Que porra é essa mano ? kkkk'

DippyBint 1937 days ago

Holy feck Phil she could breastfeed a Creche with them bangers!!! x

CockneyCharmer 1937 days ago

Perfect curvy woman...Holly, the faces on the cast of EastEnders said it all I am told!

MrDStrict 1937 days ago

She must have areolas the size of dinner plates and a spine of steel.......

chiswick_chris 1937 days ago

i have a one word question, why?