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ok twitters heres a pic of my new ink its rob pattinsons autograph i had it put on my left rist!:)

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2843 days ago

ok twitters heres a pic of my new ink its rob pattinsons autograph i had it put on my left rist!:)


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stephay87 2432 days ago

To everyone that said nice things about this thank you & to the haters keep hating ahaha :P

PINKMEUP_01 2451 days ago

I really like it! I think you picked a great place for it too :)

Staza 2451 days ago

Looks good =] x

VEGASTWEETER37 2810 days ago

Thats awesome! If Ky-Mani Marley signed me Id do that too! ♥

StephanieLynn33 2823 days ago

I like it too! I just got a tat recently...Gavin Rossdale signed my neck and i had it tattooed the next day. People thought i was nuts but i dont give a shit what anyone else thinks about it! neither should u, girl!

lilasa530 2823 days ago

I think it's awesome!!!

staydazzled 2826 days ago

I love this! Don't listen to people criticizing you...It was your decision. I think it turned out nice. Too bad he didn't sign it. ;)

RSantosX 2838 days ago

haha thats pretty awesome.

akshunhiro 2839 days ago

that's seven shades of awesome. You'd better hope though that Rob doesnt let fame go to his head and get fat and bloated and unnattractive.

cari_tx 2839 days ago

Its your body do as you please ;) I like it!

Blaznbetty 2840 days ago

love the tat and so does stephay87 and thats all that matters!

Blaznbetty 2840 days ago

F*** what people think! And Yes BOB Marley may have made an impact on the world but Marilyn Monroe was just an actress that slept with the US President how does that make an impact on the world? You know what I dont even want to have this discussion....I

LanieMathews 2840 days ago

awsome - ma - ful

cocktails_on_me 2840 days ago

that is good shit right there.....i love it :)

holliemae85 2840 days ago

Don't listen to anyone who wants to talk $hit. You made a dicision to get a tattoo... you love it and that's all the matters. (PS I love it too!) :)

stephay87 2840 days ago heres the link

stephay87 2840 days ago

p/s: ya'll think im crazy u havent seen this!

stephay87 2841 days ago

once again i never met him, he didnt sign my wrist (im not that lucky ahaha) its just a freaken tattoo get over it!

LyricalKris 2841 days ago

I think spewing hate at a random stranger about a choice they made about their own bodies is 10x worse than the silliest tattoo. :-p Don't listen to the haters, if it's cool to you, it's cool!

gabiruschel 2841 days ago

oh god... really?! very nice ;)