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Have you seen the Stevenson’s new hairless cat? I think it just ate a bug.

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2081 days ago

Have you seen the Stevenson’s new hairless cat? I think it just ate a bug.


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janestarfloripa 1903 days ago

WOW! This is incredible

AngelManson99 2080 days ago

That looks cute =3

100956 2080 days ago

What are friends for anyway!!!! Opposites attract! Happy Anniversary honey!

100956 2080 days ago

Love this!

DannyNegroul 2080 days ago

Awwww, sweeties! ^_^

southerncattie 2080 days ago

Or maybe he's someone's husband who's been reincarnated into something bigger than him when he talks back

hurrysLOWcari 2080 days ago


MaryChabot 2081 days ago

This is too funny!

audacious_lass 2081 days ago

koochooo cat

Friday94 2081 days ago

Cuties! :3

MadelineFan 2081 days ago

I just killed a bug.

theLillyWood 2081 days ago

Hahaha! At least they look like they're getting along. We could learn a lot from animals :)

AnniBricca 2081 days ago

Awww it is LOVE! True love. Just look at the happiness!

SophalMiracle 2081 days ago

The Cutie furry Cat is resting near the spiky Iggy Iguana! Iggy looks Happy to see Cutie! #fb #ISS

imarilatrice 2081 days ago

aaw how cute

Balzgal 2081 days ago

Beautiful--Love from Kitty & Iguana--Their Awesome--have an Iguana-4 1/2 long! Teal/Green! Buddha

nascar99 2081 days ago

what the hell is that thing?????????

WhatIsASpacebar 2081 days ago

Is that cat friend or food? Yikes.

JimberlyAnne 2081 days ago

Don't want no lizard loose in my house!

maggie_vr 2081 days ago

hhahahahahaha I had one of those but it died :(