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This hairstyle reminds me of the Old West. Mostly the tumbleweeds.

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1990 days ago

This hairstyle reminds me of the Old West. Mostly the tumbleweeds.


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Amelia_Unger 1971 days ago

AAk! Looks like she got ran over by her bus went on bike on a rainy day and got attacked by squirrels escaped by going into the sewer and then got her school picture. POOR KID!!

Angeldahottest 1982 days ago

Is this from the 80's?

Enter_Laughing 1988 days ago

ok like...a family of squirrels where?

JaySharky 1988 days ago

#NotWinning, DUH!

Pickle8182 1989 days ago

This must be early 80s. This isn't what I remember, and I graduated in '86.

Blackwell_Rez 1989 days ago

Ha Ha! I can't believe this pic! She fixed her hair that way, got high then went and did a school pic? Crazy!

LeilaAlmawy 1989 days ago

hahaha ellen where do you find these photos??

100956 1989 days ago

She looks too young for makeup, she should have spent more time on the hair, she also looks very stoned!

100956 1989 days ago

Is this from the 70's or 80's? She needs a good trim and conditioning.

elinor_lngnmn 1989 days ago

the hair! very loud..:D

SoshiSays 1989 days ago

ok so it looks a little silly now... BUT at the time we were pretty hot :)

Stub_ble_Field 1989 days ago

Something about Mary....jis sayin

ClaysFruitFly 1990 days ago

Hard to believe they did these things on purpose.

guest132568 1990 days ago

THE WAY TO HEAVEN, Go to http://bit.ly/iAPxGy (-:

christobel9074 1990 days ago

Is that what it feels like to be tased?

lin4869 1990 days ago

Our daughter is horrified at her yearbook pictures from 80s. "What was I thinking?!" :D

smrtblnde1 1990 days ago

I have no words for this......I do not believe that this has happened to me before....Better call my Mom

lin4869 1990 days ago

That poor child!

cherri7up 1990 days ago

truly the 80's