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Mom Blogger. Not Stupid. 818.486.9363 taken over by porn spam.... tee hee....

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2607 days ago taken over by porn spam.... tee hee....


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JessicaGottlieb 2308 days ago

Does anyone remember the mom jeans "party" for mothers day. When spammers take over your spam hashtag it's always funny.

ariherzog 2598 days ago

Mars attacked too, blogged:

hardlynormal 2607 days ago

you CANNOT build a website and then just leave it sit. you MUST monitor constantly. twitter by the sea is whacked!

JessicaGottlieb 2607 days ago

At 1300 impressions I'm calling it a night. I am ready to declare 11 moms useless. not a single response. Walmart has been abandoned by all. #sigjeans

JessicaGottlieb 2607 days ago

Dear Walmart, there are 1000 people curious about your porn decision. But still no response?

ariherzog 2607 days ago

Funny stuff

JessicaGottlieb 2607 days ago

Oh me oh my, maybe this scathing letter regarding twitter by the sea being a scam is part of the problem?

JessicaGottlieb 2607 days ago

has walmart finally gone the way of Skittles? I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm laughing my ass off