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Here's a clearer photo from the classic Masters of Horror dinner last night. Now how many can you identify?

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1658 days ago

Here's a clearer photo from the classic Masters of Horror dinner last night. Now how many can you identify?


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MrsShadows 1618 days ago


DacianaDark 1656 days ago

All I see are the ones that matter!

AlineSidorova 1657 days ago

I see you,Eli, David Slade, James Wan, Mick Garris and Quentin Tarantino in the back. Am I right? :)

WikusJvR 1657 days ago

Mick garris, david slade, eli, james wan

K_HjLL 1658 days ago

WOW... what a dream!

GrindhouseDom 1658 days ago

Carpenter was gonna go but he heard Zombie was gonna be there....Zombie didn't go because he heard Carpenter was gonna be there, so instead, he stayed home and researched more horror films to rip off for his next opus

Katydidinnc 1658 days ago

I blew this up and it's on my myspace. There are an awful lot of Spirit Orbs; spooky!!!!

KittyLuv69 1658 days ago

Larry Cohen, John McNaughton, David Slade, James Wan, Eli Roth, James Gunn , Darren Lynn Bousman , Joe Lynch, Adam Green, Don Coscarelli, Ryan Schifrin, Mick Garris, Greg Nicotero, Tom Holland, Stuart Gordon

allisonscott 1658 days ago

Always looking good.

dakotathomas 1658 days ago

Neil Marshall, Don Coscarelli and Joe Lynch

dakotathomas 1658 days ago

I see you of course, Adam Green, John Landis, Wes Craven, Tom McLaughlin, Mick Garris, James Wan.

beetkid 1658 days ago

Is this a meetup group? Ok. St. Louis' own James Gunn, you, Mick Garris, James Wan, John Landis, Mr. Craven, Don Coscarelli, ....

olgalexell 1658 days ago

is that on top of you? next to him, and it looks like on the other side of him...

misscannon94 1658 days ago

Wes Craven! < Ledgend:)

EricaJHill 1658 days ago


MrsKimNora 1658 days ago

I can see David Slade! (:

TrgdyAnn 1658 days ago

Was this before or after you guys cannibalized your meal?,....LOL, Jk, Looks like a Fun Party!

WendeezNutz 1658 days ago

AWESOME! I think I see John Landis back there in the grey beard :D One of my all time faves

The_Bugler 1658 days ago

Crap, that's not Frank Darabont. Geez, I suck at this.

geekbydefault 1658 days ago

*coughs* Quite frankly not all of them but I'd still kill to have been there.