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Morning airport pizza. Whatya gonna do?... What'd u guys have?

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1906 days ago

Morning airport pizza. Whatya gonna do?... What'd u guys have?


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MooGooMouse 1906 days ago

Now THAT'S MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY kind of breakfast! (It would be perfect with a mimosa.)

Paris_the_dino 1906 days ago


SophalMiracle 1906 days ago

What a beautiful colorful delicious "Morning airport pizza"It got tomatoes, bacons&source,&Cheese!

SophalMiracle 1906 days ago

"Morning airport pizza" could be Someone else sees it as Lunch pizza, if you come fr Europe! #fb

oliveirajoao6 1906 days ago


natlikesglitter 1906 days ago

looks better than my microwaved frozen pancakes with lite syrup

heavenonwheels 1906 days ago

Breakfast of champions.

rastafrog 1906 days ago

that looks even grosser than them donuts you posted a few weeks ago!

mysteryj33914 1906 days ago

About to see what I ate all over again. That looks ewww.

BradHappyBeer 1906 days ago

The white stuff? Looks like SPUEWWWW to me!! Kathy might want to Puke and Stagger out of the airport! www.pukesandstaggers.com

GOING2DREAM 1906 days ago

I'll be flying on Monday -- might have to look for this. What is the white saucey stuff?

GOING2DREAM 1906 days ago

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin with butter and a lil bit of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it.

SuperMommaT 1906 days ago

cottage cheese and toast

Balzgal 1906 days ago

Your killin' me that actually looks extremely edible---bein' it's airport breakfast-Nada Damn it!

stoked71 1906 days ago

Smuckers Uncrustables strawberry(or grape) jam&peanut butter on whole grain bread! You can freeze 'em until ready2 travel w/them,best part!

CervidaeWTD 1906 days ago

Canned peaches while watching the weather. The usual weekday breakfast routine.