The story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.

@feliciaday @dichenlachman how we roll

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2727 days ago

how we roll


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50FtWaffles 2725 days ago

Fab 5 perhaps? Just don't ask me to name everybody. I'm not THAT sober, yet.

dya_beetus 2727 days ago

WHOA! redeye much?

BebeSu 2727 days ago

P.S. DrH rocks! Joss is God! :D xoxo

BebeSu 2727 days ago

Aww hanging with Dollhouse peeps again! Fab! Come back to Starfury again won't you! BTW I just watched all the eps of The Guild, loved it! If you ever need some art work doing for the show let me know babes and I'll do my best for ya. Hugs! - Bebe xxx

Nachtswerg 2727 days ago

Umm... that look in Felicia's make me think she's contemplating... TACOs!

chrisfeyrer 2727 days ago

Ha, Felicia looks mischevious in this picture.

ncg 2727 days ago

Hmmmmm is that Jane Espenson

chrisdonia 2727 days ago

Everyone Joss works with is pretty.

DC_Zol 2727 days ago

has got the 'Evils' in her eyes, she must be planning something would be proud of MWHAHAhaha!!

JoTheCat 2727 days ago

aww, nice, thank you so much for posting :-DDDD

tahirisunrider 2727 days ago

Love Felicia's necklace! And Topher, awww. Definitely a fun group! :)

dorothy1985 2727 days ago

damn Felicia is freakin cute :)

kelvlam 2727 days ago

the girl next to looks like Sierra (Dichen Lachman) from Dollhouse???

sdltheman88 2727 days ago


Rivaflush 2727 days ago

i'm pretty sure there are potential slayers in that pict...also, is that topher from dollhouse? he looks weird with a beard....(i'm only asking because someone said topher looks cute...)

zeondunst 2727 days ago

Nice pic it seems you all r havin fun out there

vhampton 2727 days ago

I'll have to be the first to say this... Your belt is great.

ucleadguitar 2727 days ago

looks like fun times! where was th taken? LA area?

Xavienne 2727 days ago

Glowing Irish skin, glowing red eyes. I love it. I'm hoping starts a new trend, pale redheads as the new sex symbols.

BRCLE 2727 days ago

OMG JEALOUS! WANT TO BE in this pic and hang with all of you! Felicia love the necklace, you dress so cute! And I'm kind of in love with Fran. Goofy nerd (well Topher is, dk ab Fran).