We must show life not as it is, or the way it should be, but the way it is in dreams... ~ The Seagull

Just a heads up...
I suggest you keep this date open ;)

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2112 days ago

Just a heads up...
I suggest you keep this date open ;)


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XorevaNatasha 2092 days ago

это будет в 2012 в декабре)

Marina_Blonde 2107 days ago

omg! but i have an examination!!!

1derjeff 2108 days ago

As REM sings, "It's the End of the World as we know it and I feel Fine!"

theTimelady 2109 days ago

o bugger, my 18th birthday is the day after :P hahah

FutureBonnie 2110 days ago

Yeah sure, it's okay to celebrate it on my birthday!!! lol

Tranquil_Muse 2111 days ago

We must plan! Who's bringing the refreshments to the End of the World party? Don't 4get the ice!

Liz113090 2111 days ago

If they keep on guessing their bound to be right one day ;) at least I've got an excuse 2 party:)

missemmamm 2111 days ago

If this were true the upside would be meeting the devil.

clairegrr 2111 days ago

I don't wanna spoil all the fun, but the world isn't ending, let's all celebrate ;)

T_Dalsgaard 2112 days ago

At least we'll get to watch the season finale first :ob

dkprt 2112 days ago

Hey, thats on my birthday, cool :0)

_Fruchtey 2112 days ago

Its the date of my confirmation :D

geekyfangirls 2112 days ago

That is infact my anniversary, and that day will be celebrated drinking daiquiri's and hand grenades

Vi_princess 2112 days ago

keep the date open?:) yeah, I ll regret of my plans for this date if this stuff in fact occurs)

NataschaDelille 2112 days ago

That means I should get my friends together and party with booz and live music!!!!

Mus1c_ 2112 days ago

Oh shit...ONE day before my birthday...are you fucking kidding me?!

xxElena2xx 2112 days ago

Every day seems as if it's the end of the world.

Milagro_92 2112 days ago

wow haha ! It's possible :)

PdubCola 2112 days ago

Wasn't the world supposed to end in 2012?

lizabeth817 2112 days ago

Jehovah's Witness, right? lol