Daishi Odashima


Project SOUL team member. Began as SCI player. Joined SC team from III. Game designer of IV/BD. Current game director. Has final say in the team.

Take a look (in response to breast size topic) @Fenrir_Lilith @Yoshilover122 @broccoman @YoshiCookie @sedition6

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1666 days ago

Take a look (in response to breast size topic)


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Jet1991 1534 days ago

This is the greatest thing in the world and I love you for it.

ducttaperulez 1603 days ago

now I know Tira in Size D

WereFox2009 1605 days ago

You people really are annoying... There are many people who like women and men different ways, all I gotta say is grow the heck up, some people liked ivy in SCIV some didn't some liked Hilde who looked flat as a board. The fact is everyone has their own o

kj_maxim1990 1640 days ago

Oh come on dude why are you disregarding because of it? Besides, I don't mind it.

Mr_Sterg 1644 days ago

The boob size is ridiculous tbh and it takes away from the women's skill when the focus is on their chest. But at least there's a range.

fili_phi 1645 days ago

YVI is the muse digital mits and beautiful of all the games but it has also confessed that Taki and Setzuka me phasine !! ( Brazil )

Redeyefan1 1661 days ago

Great designs!

ThomasMay19 1661 days ago

@ Disc0Granny, What the heck is wrong with Big Boobs !?! What are you a terrorist? GTFO of America if you can't stand cleavage.

Anyway, I love tits and I love these character designs! There so expressive! Keep up the great work!

YourGod77 1662 days ago

Clowns like Disc0 and Deimos obviously don't see the wide range of boob size in the pic above. They are the kind of people that get their panties in a knot when they see digital, polygon women with a cup size past D. They so silly.

YourGod77 1662 days ago

Prudes need not apply - just leave SC to us horrible people who aren't afraid of some skin showing. This is a great bit of art.

FERxCO 1664 days ago

women have big boobs is because most men prefer so,in the case of women want them muscled the same!!

digicube 1664 days ago

Fantastic designs. Keep up the good work :)

hakumen001 1665 days ago

さて、鉄拳XのSFを、多分楽しみにしてTTT2 SC5を持っている!願いKOFの13が同様に放出する

hakumen001 1665 days ago

私は、SCのデザインを愛しているし、この図は、もっとも便利です!すばらしいアートをしてください! SC4は大きかった!

hakumen001 1665 days ago

Now have SC5, Tekken X SF and maybe TTT2 to look forward to! Wish KOF 13 would release as well..

hakumen001 1665 days ago

I remember when you guys announced working on SC5 several months ago. Cant wait for this game.

hakumen001 1665 days ago

I love your designs in SC and this chart is most useful! Keep up the amazing art! SC4 was great!

Disc0Granny 1665 days ago

Make a game where every woman isn't dressed like a prostitute and you might get my money again.

Disc0Granny 1665 days ago

This is garbage. I haven't bought a SC game since the 2nd one because of this big-boob crap.

FERxCO 1665 days ago

Cmon we know everyone who have Di*k want the game like that to certainly point