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#medmystery  any guesses? and, what symptoms would this cause? clue: this is left side of brain

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2112 days ago

#medmystery any guesses? and, what symptoms would this cause? clue: this is left side of brain


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whatanews4u 2111 days ago

may be mild stroke in right side of body

mrsdecember 2112 days ago

Ischemic CVA with Rt side hemiplegia or hemiparesis.

anbu7 2112 days ago

may be difficult in language and speech? also affect right side half body?

skeebs23 2112 days ago

subdural hematoma with slurred speech

gelberb 2112 days ago

parasagittal meningioma. Symptom-right leg weakness

JaeInWonderland 2112 days ago


chaosmaster1 2112 days ago

voluntary motor functions. Could there be seizures involved?

chaosmaster1 2112 days ago

Not sure but thinking tumor that appears to affect premotor area of brain I would expect that there are issues with the patients eyes related to movement and also pupil control (dilation and contraction). Not sure but it looks like it could also involve

Tsomo85 2112 days ago

I decided to participate this time because last time I got it right even thought I didn't comment my guess. You were on someone's show & you revealed the correct answer...

Urantian 2112 days ago

I believe they will have trouble with motor control of their legs, and possibly arms.

Tsomo85 2112 days ago

Umm this tumor like is right next or under CSF, within white matter, @ the edge of frontal lobe, after knowing their function, I think the...chances are more likely the symptoms of Parkinson! Just a guess....

CherylGallion 2112 days ago

Too high for Boca's area and affect speech right? Boca discovered Trepanned ancients- that's cool

anderBanter 2112 days ago

anchor ego? pompous attitude, snotty email + tweets combined w/ being nasty 2 ppl who don't deserve it~no known cure

tweety528 2112 days ago

Maybe a stoke/ headache /vision changes

BahamaMarathonr 2112 days ago

Impaired speech, writing, and other functions associated with language and communication.