Steve Austin


Tough Enough host...Shark wrangler. aka Stone Cold Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch, Texas

And here is the end result...

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1968 days ago

And here is the end result...


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StillaProspect 1965 days ago

Nah they're fine they were just having a few beers with austin and couldn't handle it.

Always_Alone87 1965 days ago

Poor sharks.

rozik_maharana 1967 days ago

I said, Stone Cold just whooooooped their asses!!!!!!
Give me a hell yeaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

LoyalJessy 1968 days ago

lmfao made my night XD

brianjstiles 1968 days ago

Did Sharkboy survive???

soutoalvir 1968 days ago

Stunner Rulez

Viperella316 1968 days ago

ROFLMAO! Wow! Ohhh Sharks is going to flip *dives for cover*

aditivermani 1968 days ago

LOL!! All stunned n dead..REST IN PEACE!!

LukeManu55 1968 days ago

what line did you use? I bet it was the "bottom" one.

pamillise 1968 days ago

lmao thats crazy

flyingsidekick 1968 days ago

you whooped a few tails!

DarkWolf80s 1968 days ago

They're all Knocked out STONE COLD style! Hell YEA!

SawyerW4E 1968 days ago

You stunned them all. ;)

Shawn_U 1968 days ago

Those poor sharks... Guess they didn't hear the glass shatter?

BrandonETucker 1968 days ago

Sharks are the Tigers of the ocean, but when it comes down to kicking ass and drinking beer only The Rattlesnake can do that!

Hiteezy 1968 days ago

J.R would probley lose his breath having 2 say STUNNER so many times.LOL

Jupiler_man 1968 days ago

Awesome :D

HotFrenchDiva 1968 days ago

I warned you ... =/

fafrizz 1968 days ago


elbeasto86 1968 days ago

Jaws just shat himself...