Jessica Simpson


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Remember the Alamo

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1905 days ago

Remember the Alamo


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KJFnCT 1285 days ago

Jesus can our do you ever look just ok and not absolutley gorgeous

stanacat 1438 days ago

Wtf... Is that a dead animal on your head? O:

kevinlg20 1606 days ago

Nice, that is cool

CABALLOBRAVO 1615 days ago

dear jessica you are looking very good

Maggie_Bean 1774 days ago

hey jessica simpson, i have a question. Do you always do your own makeup because it always looks so good.

matchelo1 1777 days ago

is that squirrel?

Lorrriii 1815 days ago

whatever dennisl he just makes it better.. LOL That was rude of you to say! Are you racist?

dennisl 1815 days ago

great pic, but the dude in the background ruins it!

kerri522 1823 days ago

simply jealous is more like it(person 2 below me) dont pay her no mind she just wishes she could be you why did she o outta her way to insult you? obviously she had nothin better to do

falloutboyy_ 1838 days ago

you are sooo pretty, honestly i wud love to look like you! xxxx

tonnudanlyn 1878 days ago

9 hat,sis^^.i really like ur voicexxxxxxxxxx

msteele1608 1881 days ago

All I can say I that marisol has no life and probably wants yours Jess.She's just another hater on ur list.Or she wants Tony!Keep it up girl ur just fine!

toni33au 1889 days ago

Hi Jessica, you look adorable as usual. How are things going on the relationship side? How do you cope with all the publicity ? Tim

justmeGeee 1895 days ago

What a hater simplymarisol is! No one made you look at this pic..grow a sense of humor wierdo and who are you to judge someones marraige especially when dont know even either of them personaly!

ShylaNC 1899 days ago

So, the person under me has nothing better to do than visit celeb's sites and rant at them for no reason? Wow. Just Wow. Jess, you're cool. Just let the haters work themselves up and burn out. And you look really cute in this awful hat, lol.

simplymarisol 1901 days ago

So, u learned a lot frm ur marriage huh? Yea, I think Nick learned a lot too. He learned you were an ungrateful waste of space who turned out to be another celeb who lost herself. Ever see the disappointment in his eyes? You really appreciated him! Good j

Mksteyelzu 1903 days ago

um ur gorgeous!

MANUEL111 1904 days ago

hot stuff jess!

XuyenN 1904 days ago

Where u get this hat from ???

kevbot74 1904 days ago

I used to have a hat like this when I was young. I felt like a true woodsman.:)