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Js lady hand models my snack offerings

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2663 days ago

Js lady hand models my snack offerings


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deyamraz 2583 days ago

mr.a-z you absolutely disgrace me...i'm a lady but sure i don't have lady hand like yours...

princezann 2596 days ago

whatta nails!

princess_anggie 2603 days ago

gosh....your nails even better than my nails. I know what should i give to you on your birthday....Manicure set, i guess

your_star 2618 days ago

The rasperberry Raw Revolution bars are the best!

KiwiRo_D_Ro 2624 days ago

where do you get this stuff from?! my sister would like to know! they seem to have nothing like it in new zealand!

wannatry 2625 days ago

just ..u know..no comment

SwtLdyGenevieve 2649 days ago

Sounds like youll have a wild night on the toilet after eating these. LOL

LexieOriginals 2650 days ago

wild bar lol

AnnissaMichael 2651 days ago

Wowzas - are these twitter bugs illiterate? J's lady (love nugget) hand models (models with HER hands) those deelish morsels. Infer, people. There's no way those hands have labored the love J's do on that six string every night.

KatieDowden 2656 days ago

pretty fingernails. and wow!! yummmm

oppositepoles 2657 days ago

lovely lovely lovely hands and fingernails

HirokoHojyo 2658 days ago

You should pick me.

rhondie4ever 2660 days ago

I TOTALLY shared this pic w/a friend who wanted to see ur lady hand & nails! It looks quite feminine!

uni_tea 2661 days ago

auuu....scratch my back any time...

kucridkacrud 2662 days ago

geez...it's even better than my nails...huhuhuhuhu

samuy 2663 days ago

geez im hungry. :))

uneditedmara 2663 days ago

My hands and J's complement each other. This must be luuurve!

inifitri 2663 days ago

Hahaha...So,this is the famous fingers. Love it!!

nonisu 2663 days ago

jason, ur hands are more ladylike than mine *sob*

PLove143 2663 days ago

It's not just the finger nails....the hand itself is quite lady like. I like it.