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Here's the side view

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2083 days ago

Here's the side view


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aristopak 1993 days ago


SophalMiracle 2082 days ago

What an exotic Island, God creates for man from Heaven! The Island is shaped like a swimming pool!

SophalMiracle 2082 days ago

Wow, this image #FromSpace is like a see thru plant cell that floats in the blue jelly dish! #NASA

Kickalien 2082 days ago

Wow! ... interesting shape like a lady's foot!

orfras 2083 days ago

beautiful, if we see humans from the sky, imagine what God can do

HDKey 2083 days ago

a_cup_of_sea 2083 days ago

You have wonderful imagination!!!! :-)

Qayed 2083 days ago


eu_hal9000 2083 days ago

And this is Ravahere French Polynesia -18.244002 , -142.143354

BigSteppinGal 2083 days ago

It does look like a footprint!! Thanks for sharing the great pics!!

jignesh_mech33 2083 days ago

wow!!! nice pics!!!

_jkl_jkl 2083 days ago

Crystal Shoe :)