Gregory Shane Helms


Pro Wrestler, The Hurricane. Wrestled for WWE, WCW, ECW and OMEGA.


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1939 days ago



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EnergizeYou 1935 days ago

That sucks I hope you get feeling better Shane.

Jeffman2 1937 days ago


hellomrbungle 1937 days ago

Stay strong and you will get though this. Best wishes to you and Karen 4 a speedy recovery.

biancabellalove 1938 days ago

get well asap helms! <3 and obviously have nothing better to do.

LilacsAndHearts 1938 days ago

Oh Mr. Helms! I wish you & Karen a speedy recovery. Keeping you both in my prayers.

edu_hbk 1938 days ago

This is for talk shit of Shawn Michaels (Your Father)

kingkilowatt 1938 days ago

Good God Son! Looks like you put your face in the meat grinder and took it out at the last minute

bec64a 1938 days ago

hey ur still looking good :) :) :)

KatyLouV 1938 days ago

Ouch. :( You are so lucky to still be with us, sit tight, man, it will get better.

jeckelbox 1938 days ago

hope every thing goes well and u get better

bailey1586 1938 days ago

Hey man hope to see you back in the ring soon.god bless

JoeyMarkwell 1938 days ago

basically doing the same thing your wishing him dead over. Atleast he knew the man he was talking about. Grow up. Helms wish you a good recovery, your in my prayers

JoeyMarkwell 1938 days ago

How inhuman can you be? Reguardless of what he has said about another person that he knew personally(HBK) has nothing to do with you. For you to wish him dead, grow the hell up and stop acting like a inconsiderate ass hole. You Burnnotice3216 are basicall

AprilHunter 1938 days ago

: That's a disgusting comment. U seem to be a hateful,disgusting person.Shameful.

realJDMaverick 1938 days ago

: Im no Christian, so lemme spew this: FUCK YOU, mark ass bitches.

realJDMaverick 1938 days ago

: U speak on behalf of a Christian, yet spew hateful words?

munichrulez 1938 days ago

Get well soon! You're in our thoughts.

thebrownmind 1938 days ago

- Get well soon! Seems like just yesterday you were talking abt. impermanence in the business...

gota1respect1 1938 days ago

i could not have said it any better

TheFinalFlashTM 1938 days ago

you're a piece of shit. Get well soon Shane!