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1936 days ago

Video: on contributions of immigrants to our country & the need for #immigration reform


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UncleSam13713 1933 days ago

The day an immigrant may become yr. president then they won't no longer be slaves.HR. on legal imm.

UncleSam13713 1933 days ago

does america make more money with legal or illegal immigrants?Imiigrants must serve at least a year

Apollyon11 1934 days ago

I was about to dump you into the pile of humans I no longer respect. Until, at 1:00, you said " a legal way, obviously." Please, oh please, understand that people who are against illegal immigration and illegal immigrants are not against legal mean

saulodroid 1935 days ago

- would you feel better if it was a drunk US Citizen that hit you? would that make it good?

dgstal 1935 days ago

Illegals live under their countries laws not Americas. I was left disabled for life due to an illegal hit and run driver!

dgstal 1935 days ago

Sorry Eva, unfortunately 4 families living in a rental house does not even come close to paying taxes for all their childrens free education! Unfortunately you do not live in the real world!