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1908 days ago

Video: Gov on comprehensive #immigration reform. Why do you think #CIR is important?


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UncleSam13713 1907 days ago

The day An Immigrant will be a potential future president like the guy here above.Immigration will stop

2012ogu 1908 days ago

el mundo como lo estamos dejando hoy es un verdadero basurero deberiamos quitar la fronteraytrabajar

UncleSam13713 1908 days ago

It is importat to Educate on site potential immigrants in developping their own fatherland

UncleSam13713 1908 days ago

It is needed everywhere! Why those people have no interest in developping their own fatherland?

May_ola 1908 days ago


AdrieDaniel 1908 days ago

I Think that is quite Important .. yea ?

AdrieDaniel 1908 days ago

Immigration reform would benefit U.S. economy and would add an estimated 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) over 10 years

AdamantaBrown 1908 days ago

CIR isn't important. It's important to enforce the laws we already have. But, I do support Dream Act.

markdaim 1908 days ago

I'll be back.