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Armor Preview!  Sky Warrior!  Its so fancy! :D

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2001 days ago

Armor Preview! Sky Warrior! Its so fancy! :D


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Hellmages 1870 days ago

oh and jemini when the eyes will be added like your XD

Hellmages 1870 days ago

When is the release of that armor?

_daniloalves 1984 days ago


Joe_AQW 1990 days ago

zomg i wants

Ace1616 2001 days ago

It looks awesome but I can't wait for the villain! When do they come out and how much will it cost???

SuperAEFan 2001 days ago

yup i totally agree unlike AQW the girl armors in HS are actually cool looking nice job Jemini!

Zorfinity 2001 days ago

hope its not SC and goes rare becuz im an armor collector XD

mturf 2001 days ago

female version looks awesome. i might have to make a Valkyrie ^-^

VampireMax 2001 days ago

Evil version? >:D Can I say 'I love u' here? ;D

JeminiAE 2001 days ago

And! It is yet to be determined how much cost/SC/Rareness....but I assume 1 of the armors in the set will go rare.

fabrizio_GS 2001 days ago

Is it blue? or CC?

MigueI_MC 2001 days ago


Lordbennington 2001 days ago

the female version was great

JeminiAE 2001 days ago

I know right! Jemini's fancy eyes captivate you! I'm working on getting them in game.

Zorfinity 2001 days ago

SmashCoins? how much it costs? and well it go rare?

Sothe_AE 2001 days ago

hs needs pupils, the girl looks so much better all that is needed now is the boy >.>

Nihilus_VZ 2001 days ago

That's incredible. That's amazing. That's...MUSHSHROOM!

JeminiAE 2001 days ago IS a Hero Armor after all....Villian version soon to come ;)

MartinXD_Street 2001 days ago

wowowowo really cool...

SerLionhart 2001 days ago

oh, i lovit! :D