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What you talking about TPC Sawgrass!

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1822 days ago

What you talking about TPC Sawgrass!


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Freddscat 1797 days ago

smile baby smile!!!

Eblliss 1803 days ago

Hey Fred
How are You...?
Nice Pic Keep it Up...
lol Fred i Miss Your Voice..
why You Not Sing Like Befor
Really i Miss Your Voice
Have Great Time Fredd
am From Kuwait
i salute you

starrbella06 1809 days ago

so serious!! u should grow the beard back out!! (not that my opinion matters but it was cute)

LuchaaBizkit 1821 days ago

Ladies and gentlemans introducing...Fred DursT! My number one hardcore idol. Love u man!

NickVadakis 1821 days ago

i want your caps

robsen89 1821 days ago

I like your style but....I LOVE your Chin Beard in 97, I miss that bro

fou_a_lier 1821 days ago

shush, he's watching all of you! btw nice jacket Fred)

BlinkRanch182 1822 days ago

Fred looks mad young in this pic.

NotDurst 1822 days ago

Wow....thats some fresh faced shit right there.

DETOXskinINT 1822 days ago

By any chance have you used a good coffee/dead sea salt scrub lately...hehehehehe

guest1258321 1822 days ago

Hey viewers, be sure you know the way to Heaven, view this video and message at

Maru_Durst 1822 days ago

so elegant your new style!I =) ♥♥♥ I like it! but dont have your beard =/ WHY? =0(

VampireWoman26 1822 days ago

You are very handsome...

Evgeniy2000 1822 days ago

It would be better dressed to a T-shirt Tribal and MZFK! But not this shabby jacket:D

allemikat 1822 days ago

Back in Jax!!!! Love the jacket!

Evgeniy2000 1822 days ago

Cool, just a jacket shit)

chavezgonzalez 1822 days ago

u get'n old dude =]

miesjemindless 1822 days ago

Me likes :)

KleineHusel 1822 days ago

The journey is the reward: If the target is far away, the road is long. But not here! # Gold cobra! I burn out in anticipation!

AmyShadowplay 1822 days ago

woot woo