Steve Austin


Tough Enough host...Shark wrangler. aka Stone Cold Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch, Texas


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CorreForrever 2079 days ago

lol stone cold v. shark boy??? a definate yes!

Decalescence 2080 days ago

WTF You changed to the Texas Rattle Shark?? LMAO

aditivermani 2083 days ago

Hey!! Seen this jacket of urs after ages..still looks the same :-) :-)

SarkarSukanta 2085 days ago

it is superb

Sloangirl911 2085 days ago

Lmao... OH HELL YEAH:-)

MiSsMiLy22 2085 days ago

lol .. i think u 2 gonna b a great tag team to take on john cenaa and the rock -> wreatemani 28

JudgeRAW00 2085 days ago

This shark looks an awful not like CM Punk.

nishant_maddy 2086 days ago


TroubleDVJ 2086 days ago

Well Shark Steaks Are Good On The Grill With Garlic Butter...Stun em then cook him.LOL

akaFenikkusu 2086 days ago

that made my day

Predreus 2086 days ago

Stone Cold vs Shark Boy at WrestleMania 28!

Karinitam 2086 days ago

hahahaha you're so funny. greatings from chile !!!

swax1 2086 days ago

Stone Cold,this match between U & this shark here would B the main event of Wrestlemania XXVIII!

d5385 2086 days ago

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jabberjaw. Epic Win

xXxAzraelxXx 2086 days ago

Get him, Steve!!! stun him and we can have shark soup later LOL

diegoarley 2086 days ago


Pinkichick 2086 days ago

Hahaha Are you two planning to take on the Undertaker??? pmsl

IttzelRg 2086 days ago


Viperella316 2086 days ago

Hell yeah!! I wouldn't miss this match for the world!

jlricketson 2086 days ago

You forgot his back up Steve, by then the BUP will be a force in her own right. Oh Yeah!