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This is my newest avatar, Nulgath.

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1232 days ago

This is my newest avatar, Nulgath.


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TheTrooperAE 1056 days ago

For the love of God, he changed his avatar because he had to. He's in the process of leaving AE.

Muffin_Man__AE 1114 days ago

Miltonius' form was way cooler. BRING HIM BACK

makialakkary 1114 days ago

ppl tell miltonius u like the old one better than nulgath so he would change it back

makialakkary 1114 days ago

miltonius for eveeeeer nulgath SUCKS!!! compared to miltonius plz bring back miltonius

Osiriz05 1143 days ago

Many poeple likes milt, (Including me)....Few people likes Nulgath...But then why'd u change yo AVATAR!?

NiburuAE 1145 days ago

make his face a helm... and make the quest for the helm require the armor... what do you think?

kamirulz 1147 days ago

omg this armor is really nice it could be slimer though... try to add his helm as jugger prize its epic

bloodhermit 1157 days ago

could u rework the torso portion of nulgath armor please
the bare-midriff look is seriously not working
and do give yourself more toes :)

harnasman55 1158 days ago

bring back miltonius! =/

AQWsosolid424 1179 days ago

Get Miltonius back and this monster can be your pet!

AvengerAQW 1198 days ago

if he was a bose monster this wouldve been epic but as a general, he fails.. :(

RAAMCAT 1204 days ago

Honestly FREAKEs chill out yeah he changed his name... And avatar... and items... but it's ok be hapi:)

VulcanBoomAQW 1208 days ago

Milt, I've been a fan of your work forever, and I hope that i always will be a fan, but this is not cool

AvengerAQW 1209 days ago

we miss u miltonious......... :(

airjordie33 1210 days ago

nice nulgath or miltonius sounds good and your drawings are really good and this pic looks beast FTW

alfalah0 1210 days ago

Nulgath u Bet us with ur secret senario in Vordrid Can you tell us how to compelete please Nulgath Or i say Miltonius, yeah Miltonius good than Nulgath :D

Altan_Equinox 1211 days ago

I'm sorry but Nulgath = Fail, Miltonius = Win

Blueboy831 1211 days ago

It needs a tail!

Leprachong 1211 days ago

Looks awesome but your first avatar totally was like a general. This seems like the "boss" monster. :'(

ElSverro 1211 days ago

i miss miltonius