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These are some characters I created for an upcoming event.

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1210 days ago

These are some characters I created for an upcoming event.


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the_cyber_bully 1151 days ago

sally did not have ponytails *.*

jhulianjao 1188 days ago

undead paladin was released so when is undead mage and that girl coming out?

Leprachong 1189 days ago

the right skeleton is wearing such a paladin armor, maybe thats the missing paladin(s)

DoomDestroyerAE 1191 days ago

lol its sally from DF she looks older now!

12ddd34 1191 days ago

DEADwood??!?!!?! it was doomwood last time i checked

NexusEmissary 1192 days ago

Can u make the bear an WEApon pLIIIZZZ

TechnoAQW 1192 days ago

Can you make the bear as a pet pls?

jhulianjao 1192 days ago

you got that right

eragon1996 1193 days ago

the event is doomwood saga starting this friday

ElSverro 1196 days ago

Those ebil skeltons looks like molesters

circisLOC 1196 days ago

i think that pink one is evil and the skeletons her servents

AQWPlayerJTG 1196 days ago

I have a better idea. Let them decide how much it will be and if it will or will not be mem.

FedeGarcia90 1197 days ago

Can u make that UNDEAD PALADIN armor ACS no mem? 1k acs?

me_in_hd123abc 1201 days ago

Is this for the upcoming Deadwood saga =o! And the 2 undead guys better drop their armors :U, But besides that, EPIC.

Top_AE 1202 days ago

its for necropolis.........that starts next week!! 8D

TechnoAQW 1202 days ago

I want the bear as a pet c:

VampireMax 1202 days ago

if it isn't f13.. Halloween?? O,..,o

FedeGarcia90 1203 days ago

i need zombified Warlik hood :S

CarnagainaAE 1204 days ago

Make the Caludron a house item pls! :)

eragon1996 1205 days ago

friday 13th event i gues?