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I mean... Really?!

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1938 days ago

I mean... Really?!


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PennytheCav 1937 days ago

We love you Lexie & Harley! Come to NJ, we'll have a playdate!

USNS_Sister 1937 days ago

That is just too cute!

flamingomoon 1937 days ago

Being famous is exhausting.

rosetracy 1938 days ago

OMG that is adorable. Gotta love those ears! She looks so content!

rosaontherocks 1938 days ago

This is soooooooooooo CUTE! ♥

dolphungurl88 1938 days ago

I heard somewhere dogs that sleep like this on their backs.. it means they feel safe with u. my dog sleeps like this every night.

WendieMoran 1938 days ago

Ah! Now I can see it! :) That my dear is one spoiled Little puppy! Obviously knows how good of a life it has!

joymc49 1938 days ago

Lexi likes your pillows best!! LOL

gshaddy1 1938 days ago

so cute

Star1110 1938 days ago

The little exhibitionist!!

marlaynawright 1938 days ago

hahahah so cute !

Mara_Horan 1938 days ago


EmmaStojanovic 1938 days ago

A real carpet amazing ;) So cute

darlingdede 1938 days ago

LOL OMG! That is the most hilariously cute picture ever!!

MarolisBC 1938 days ago

AWW!!! It looks so cute! :)

alfiecatperson 1938 days ago

They are adorable Mommy was gone so party till they dropped

KrissJenner 1938 days ago

aww lovely!! the puppy :)