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This is Murray. He's a hawk. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1998 days ago

This is Murray. He's a hawk. #fromset #Mythbusters


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Daeglan 1993 days ago

No he is a Harris Hawk. They are the only bird of prey that works in packs.

RobertCDick 1997 days ago

Very nice.

MarianoBryant 1997 days ago


fresh_asparagus 1997 days ago


ToniAMcNally 1998 days ago

Here in Chicago the only kind of hawks we have are Blackhawks! But Murray is a beautiful and impressive bird

inquisitiveowl 1998 days ago

That would be a small Redtail in my neighborhood. All birds of prey know they are cool.

Kathy_Porter 1998 days ago

beautiful. I have redtail hawks that live in my neighborhood. spectacular animals!

martillini 1998 days ago

Cute! :)

inquisitiveowl 1998 days ago

Parabuteo unicinctus - Harris' Hawk or Bay-winged Hawk. Still pretty cool.

inquisitiveowl 1998 days ago

Yeah, a Harris Hawk. Group hunters. And, um, what were you saying about owls earlier?..

LysnK2 1998 days ago

Thanks for informing us it was a hawk. We might've thought it was a dog XD

Adam_McKee 1998 days ago

I don't have time for this now, Murray! Not now, Murray!

RebekahAnnMusic 1998 days ago

if it was a condor, you'd be condorman heh

NancyinTampa 1998 days ago

Pretty bird! Murray? :D

RebekahAnnMusic 1998 days ago

dude! you have a hawk on your arm!

ManaMay 1998 days ago

love love love

LobsterJustin 1998 days ago


Xee_Thot 1998 days ago

Don't let it peck you eye out!!!! Nice bird tho.

LesFromTranna 1998 days ago

Ooo, purdy. And so's Murray! ;)

Bill_A_Nator 1998 days ago

Murray says, "Yep, and you're a human." :p I still remember when Mike Rowe played with a hawk.