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Never go to @PinkTacoLA. Pic of the painted donkey chained to wall. @Peta @Chomatic @DarcieOdom @Katie_Cleary

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2089 days ago

Never go to . Pic of the painted donkey chained to wall.


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Sarina_Kay 2072 days ago

Oh my God! Pink Taco idiots, grab a brain for crying out loud!

CherelleDay 2073 days ago

Honestly can't say if the color is really a problem, so much as the inappropriate use of an animal that should be somewhere relaxing in grass and shade . . .

SlutlenaHoemez_ 2074 days ago

This is horrible!! The horse was painted for Selena Gomez' next music vid. What a surprise! Only she would have an idea like this -.- And that place is even Slutlena!!

WeLoveTommo 2074 days ago


Honey0708 2079 days ago

That is so cruel, what possesses people to treat animals like objects?

CaitlynnDame 2083 days ago

this just pisses me off!!! stupid people!! >:(

eugeniaag23 2085 days ago

OH, hell to the naw!

MelaniRimolii 2085 days ago

Que hijos de puuuta

6Eternity9 2085 days ago

LAME, LAME, LAME... FU*K YOU pink taco

ItsNurseda 2085 days ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICK PEOPLE!!!!!!!

N_vana 2085 days ago

what the hell kinda sick ppl did this to this poor animal..,they have souls to and feelings !!! sick bastards

2karend 2087 days ago

Looks very mulnurished... What is their point exactly???

butrfli1969 2087 days ago

This is horrible treatment of an animal. I say the responsible party is tied up outside naked and painted pink. No Mas Pink Taco 4 me.

giddygolding 2087 days ago

Unbelievably crass and downright stupid

MeNmyQT 2088 days ago

:( I would like to punch the person who even thought it was a good idea.. Poor donkey!!

Rochelle333 2088 days ago

aww, that's so sad! I feel so sorry for him.. :(

LipstickNJeans 2088 days ago

Oh, this is horrible... Poor donkey...
Oh, dit is vreselijk... Arme ezel...

terriveganmom 2088 days ago

This is a disgrace. Let us all boycott any place that would do this to a donkey!

_Pink_Carey_ 2088 days ago

pq eles num colocaram uma pessoa em um lugar de um animal?!? pelo menos ela ia seber o q tava fazendo

martinabennett 2088 days ago

he looks so sad :( if im ever in the area ill NEVER eat at , some one set him free !