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Read very closely @McIlroyRory this will definitely help.  #TwitPict

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1522 days ago

Read very closely this will definitely help. #TwitPict


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skubsy88 1518 days ago

we should have got u one for the masters rory :)

Pulpfiction3 1522 days ago

Hahaha, this is FUNNNNY!

mechanicdb9 1522 days ago

Funny as f**k. If you can't have banter between each other then its time to give up. Get a humour tablet and swallow it not stick it up your arse.

andycoast88 1522 days ago

From what I hear Poults you did a lot of your choking in Soho

savvy_99 1522 days ago

Some people obviously had a humour bypass. I think this is hilarious! And I'm sure Rory will give as good as he gets.

joshyb_96 1522 days ago

GO Poults

Neill1965 1522 days ago

Can see the good banter you golfers have, if one my mates blew a comp we would take the piss.

gunn_x 1522 days ago

that is cruel!

robport111 1522 days ago

Poults you really are a fucking prick at times, this is how you let yourself down!!!!

colm1977 1522 days ago

let me see, how many majors has poulter won.... did someone say zero.... what a count you are

BrettisGolf 1522 days ago

READ VERY CLOSELY: your a wanker...

g_ronan 1522 days ago


hazbohemian 1522 days ago

You're a count Poults, with the silent o!

jim_gardener 1522 days ago

You could have used this at sawgrass a few years ago mate

AdamHugueley 1522 days ago

thats funny!! don't listen Rory play your game kid!