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I thought I'd share my design projects to show another side of me. Here's my Swarovski chandelier seen at Euroluce 2011

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2149 days ago

I thought I'd share my design projects to show another side of me. Here's my Swarovski chandelier seen at Euroluce 2011


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Rockcandyguitar 2120 days ago

Amazing, Lenny! In awe of your talent.:) I'd love to customize a guitar for you.

PavlovaReyes 2124 days ago

It's Beautiful :)

Iritfurman 2138 days ago

Very clean n' elegant lines. Love it n' u 2 :)

nathanvi_ 2141 days ago

that is sick, ur very gifted!

mcnannyagency 2143 days ago

creative energy has 2 flow, music, chandeliers, wallpaper. u definitely use the gifts God gave U.

Brigittenanaweb 2147 days ago

talentuous man !!I saw too your wallpapers design made in the Bahamas and I love them and hope some of them for my next house ;-)

SabineKasten 2148 days ago

Wonderful! Looks like much work.

Sternsinger 2148 days ago

looks Crunchy.Does Lionel Richie like it?

chubbyplasterer 2148 days ago

stunning Lenny
You have way to much talent sir
I use lighting like this in our developments
Keep it up

ebarrettdesigns 2148 days ago


davidsrobert 2148 days ago


Blackkhaki 2148 days ago

Holy stalactites and stalagmites Batman! This would go well in The Cave! An artist expresses himself always...always! Sleek and elegant, but also primal. -Phira

EYESINMagazine 2148 days ago

Hi Lenny, I love your design! It would be great if we could interview you for our Eyes in Magazine about your light designs. We feature World's Innovative Creators & their masterpieces. Check it out at www.eyesin.com, please email me at info.co

yeshuaiswisdom 2148 days ago

Very elegant. I envision a formal gathering with jazz softly playing in the background creating an ambience that is silky smooth. Thank you for sharing this side of you.

E_st_er 2149 days ago

I love your designs because they have character & are balanced at the same time. This piece is really in harmony. Love it.

mimiFara 2149 days ago

I don't own a house yet but i can see it in my living room already .. Me like it

liliaana 2149 days ago

Let your light so shine before men,that they may see your good works&glorify your Father in heaven

Balzgal 2149 days ago

Breathtaking! ;))

MariRodriguez25 2149 days ago

Beautiful and awesome chandelier :-D

BethieBeee 2149 days ago

Beautiful. Your creativity amazes me. You are a musician, a photographer, & now this.