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Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys

What the hell was I smoking? A fan gave me a picture from 1995-7 in Germany. Wow!!

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2085 days ago

What the hell was I smoking? A fan gave me a picture from 1995-7 in Germany. Wow!!


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JenMello 1949 days ago

Weird, nerd, and still with a bunch of girls falling for you. We women are crazy! lol

bruunaantunes 1950 days ago

tão pequenininho *O*

gisellvanelli7 1953 days ago

You're beautiful, you looked very nice. has long been and still are sexy

SANDRAloveNICK 1968 days ago

that beautiful memories, you're still beautiful even

dannysmyfav 2000 days ago

haha you were a cute kid i just couldnt ever figure out the hair thing you had going

Titabsb 2002 days ago

Beautiful S2

panicitskaitlyn 2009 days ago

aw baby face!!

michellepinto 2024 days ago

OMG!! long long time ago! a baby boy!

itsErl4ndja 2033 days ago

Wow! I remember you well, always beautiful:)

Windagreenheart 2038 days ago

Waww back to the past about this pic makes me remember 'AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME' baby...;-)

XxSoSeductivexX 2046 days ago

Awwwww! i miss your girly hair haha

_julianarocha 2054 days ago

oh how I miss those times!

fha81 2059 days ago

I have this picture too, and a lot more like this one :o) Good old times, when were around 16 :o)))

ania_bg 2059 days ago

OMG!!! I totally remember you looking like this (Katowice, Poland 1996)!! best times ever! <3<3<3

happy_sunsmile 2060 days ago

OK, there I was, ähh no, i wasn't on earth!:P but love You anwaY! :D

SweetLiLMina 2060 days ago

Awww! Little Nick! &hearts;

iamSHERYL_10 2060 days ago

whhhooooo!!!!! really cute NICK :))..

but..what up with that thumb ???

Laitarocha 2060 days ago

sexyyyy hahahahah ;)

pitu_silvia 2060 days ago

I LOVE YOU You are too beautiful, the first songs of yours that I saw in my country Costa Rica was Everybody

pilsbury4 2060 days ago

It was 97 you weren't suppose to be smoking ANYTHING Mister!