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I'm just this guy, you know?


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2845 days ago



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WildSexyFaith 2802 days ago

Hes abit confused for an adoriable octupus I will call it clueless one

carolate 2805 days ago

Iä, Iä...

emoqix 2812 days ago


HerrRigney 2831 days ago

Cephalopods FTW!

WheatonLuvr4Eva 2844 days ago

Wow. An octopus. Hmm. Well. That's cool I guess.. He looks like he just crapped his pants. But I mean, if that's your thing then.. lol just kidding. Just don't really know what to say about this little guy :)

Nupinoop296 2845 days ago


dejuwa 2845 days ago

Fail Octopus? When you have eight kinds of Fail?

boatierra 2845 days ago

I like 's suggestion. Fruity Oaty B...Miranda!

DawnBanning 2845 days ago

OOOOooooh!....Tis Mister Googley. (cue erie music)

dya_beetus 2845 days ago

looks like the mark hoppus x fob flash drives!

VampireHour 2845 days ago

Is it for Woot Shirt??

DavidGuralnick 2845 days ago

I didn't know you were a #redwings fan.

cora_stewart 2845 days ago

yeah it's alright i guess.

lizzard713 2845 days ago

sooooooooo cute

CagedHeat 2845 days ago

Shifty eyed, slimey and possibly chasin some tail..I'd name him "slick willy" as an homage to the Clinton era

arableparable 2845 days ago

I think it depends on how much sleep you had in the last few days.It could look pretty horrifying given the right circumscisionstances.

snardles 2845 days ago

Wil, from my point of view you are the kid. Ever check out Chef Taco at 8legged?

hrlyquin4 2845 days ago

Resistance is futile.........

CinSensei 2845 days ago

He appears to have a wandering eye, like my brother. So I will call him Wandering Jon

mactavish 2845 days ago

Oh how cutiewootie is that!