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A Tale of Two Kitties.

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1943 days ago

A Tale of Two Kitties.


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CyrusDemiLove 1627 days ago


Ansure61 1822 days ago

OK, I'm getting tired of this game, now you get on top and play the mountain lion.

maramarrone 1938 days ago

so funny....omg

Akirasan5 1938 days ago

This seems like a scene from a movie: ' noooooo muffins! don't die! noooooohohoho'

TheBitterLady 1940 days ago

What?Its a pun.Instead of the thrill of victory its the roar.cant beleive Im explaining but its called creative writing,sorry its over your head.Get it?

FulviaChristine 1941 days ago

Why can't I have the bed to my self!!!

MadelineFan 1942 days ago


TheBitterLady 1942 days ago

The roar of victory ;The agony of defeat.

kanakades21 1942 days ago

that is soooo cute

The1955Hudson 1943 days ago

I think I know which one is The Best of Times.

Myrrrthe 1943 days ago

One cat is dead and the other is yelling; NOOOOOOOOOO! WHY! WHY NOT ME?! *yawn* NOOO!

mswaichingliu81 1943 days ago

s/he looks exhausted or screaming. and if s/he is doing the latter i don't want to think about it!

vcast81 1943 days ago

Lol, omg. HiiiiiiYaaaaaaa!

kikili247 1943 days ago

Kitty on bottom says "Take me..NOW!!!".

macafermatt 1943 days ago

Lion King xD

EvaneSam 1943 days ago

Nooooo ... Damn you Salazar!! DAMN you!!

JuliyaVasina 1943 days ago

the vampire cat

Nadiaf27 1943 days ago

Mignon < cute in french :)

DannGlover 1943 days ago

It looks like an alien cat came out of the chest of another cat.

CinLackey 1943 days ago

This is how mommy and daddy play.