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Actor ... well at least some are STILL saying so !!

T 361 - Another look for KBC in August 2011 .. hmmm !

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1998 days ago

T 361 - Another look for KBC in August 2011 .. hmmm !


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deveshz 1973 days ago

mind blowing

ushasahiba 1975 days ago

sare sansar me ek hi amitabh bachchan hain jo sabse nayare aur sabse pyare hain aap hajaron sal jiyenge balki sab ke liye adarsh prerna strot banege.

loverPriyanka 1975 days ago

.. ماشاءالله جميل اميتاب ولكن دائما عيونك حزينه ,, احبك يارب تدخل اميتاب بالاسلام

satisharchei007 1987 days ago

I pray to God ! > to give a chance to sit in front of you in KBC.

dhananjay1007 1991 days ago

Hope... may i got a chance to sit with u in KBC 2011...

dhananjay1007 1991 days ago

Your Every Look Looks so awesome.........this one is up one step ahead

rahulakachintu 1995 days ago

your dressing is just awesome..... sir

technorupesh 1995 days ago

Dashing picture sir.... u can still give complex to the young actors....superb !!!!!!!!

tapansrivastava 1996 days ago

Looking marvelous....Only one Amitabh on this planet.......

rahul4evr 1997 days ago

this kbc =5 will rule the world........roads will be silent yet again....

and all people will follow only one sentence "9 baj gaye kya..??"

you r awesome amitabh sir

littlebirdie212 1997 days ago

awesome trawsome...dashing as ever...!!!!!:-O

indupanwar 1997 days ago

ur eyes say a lot.........

dips1980 1997 days ago

Bond with the Best..:)

Kashmataz 1997 days ago

woooow.....very nice sir jeeee

raj2bharti 1997 days ago


TINKURADHA07 1998 days ago

bahut-bahut neek lagat aha sirji !!!

spthakker 1998 days ago

Ooooooooo. My heart just missed a beat :-) Stunning. You are a fantastic example of an ageless persona.

sarmi1984 1998 days ago

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soniam1970 1998 days ago

Stunning as always. The most handsome actor of our Hindi Cinema:-)

drgaurangjoshi 1998 days ago

Great,great Great...