Urgent from #Bahrain Arrest of Secretary General of the Islamic Action Society Sheikh Mohamed Ali AlMahfoodh | 

Arrest of Sheikh Mohamed Ali AlMahfoodh
His and all of the detainees lives and safety are the responsibility of the king, his allies and supporters


In the name of Allah, the most merciful, most graceful

The Islamic Action Society declares that the Bahraini authorities have detained Sheikh Mohamed Ali AlMahfoodh, Secretary General of the Society, one of the widely known clergymen around the Islamic world and one of the opposition symbols in the country, a leader of a major civil society organization elected freely by its members.
Sadly, the arrest of Sheikh AlMahfoodh falls in the course of a vicious repression campaign and a gag, freedom depriving system, launched by the authorities in response to the peaceful demands of the citizens of Bahrain of freedoms and human rights that are recognized worldwide, as well as the arrest of a religious leadership being a breach of local norms.
His arrest, also falls in a series of arrests of many citizens who compose the constructive fabric of the country and political and social leaders as a clear and frank response from the authorities in Bahrain to the calls of the international community for them to respect the freedoms and basic human rights and respect the right to peaceful expression of opinion.
The Bahraini authorities had already targeted the family of Sheikh AlMahfoodh and severely beat them after attacking his home in Bani Jamra and took his minor 16 year-old son Hassan as a hostage.
By arrested Sheikh AlMahfoodh and his two sons, being the leader of the Society, the authorities have eliminated the Society itself, having already arrested most of the board members and over 40 staff members, which is a dangerous precedent, the first of its kind, to completely eliminate a major political society and place it behind bars. 
Sheikh AlMahfoodh and his positions represent a large number of citizens who elected him for his position at the Society, and his arrest for his political opinions and stands represents an oppression and violation of the opinions of these citizens as a whole.
We, at the Islamic Action Society, hold the authorities and their allies and supporters, the US, UK and European Union on top of them, responsible for the safety of Sheikh AlMahfoodh, Secretary General of the Society, and confirm that his arrest represents oppressing and violating the Society itself, it’s audience and members, noting that the authorities had intended to shut down the Islamic Action Society along with AlWefaq Society but back down as a result of international pressure. However, the authorities intentionally and blatantly ignored those calls and insisted on eliminating the Islamic Action Society, by targeting and persecuting it.
We also remind the authorities and international community that imposing the State of National Safety does not pardon the government from committing to the local laws and international law, which the government consented to, including the United Nations Charter and both the international covenants.
These repressive practices constitute a violation, a threat and a direct targeting of civil peace, in a very direct and dangerous manner, which calls for the international community to own up to their ethical and humane responsibility towards it and acknowledge failure to do so.
Furthermore, we emphasize that these practices won’t discourage the people of Bahrain from continuing to peacefully pursue their demands and rights, regardless of the price.
therefore, the Islamic Action Society calls upon the authorities for the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh AlMahfoodh, and allowing him to practice his social and political role freely, without harassment, while the regime and it's allies are held responsible fully for any sort of harm inflicted upon Sheikh AlMahfoodh or the other detainees.

It is feared, that Secretary General of the officially registered Islamic Action Society will face the fate of termination inside prison, after four other citizens, who passed away under torture. Human rights groups documented these cases with loads of evidence, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other allies.

Greatness, eternity and mercy accompanies the souls of our martyrs, may freedom accompany our people in prison and all of our national and political symbols, and our Societies detainees of staff and board members.
Islamic Action Society

Manama - Bahrain
Wednesday 4rd May 2011