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Star Wars behind the scenes - tweet your caption!

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1618 days ago

Star Wars behind the scenes - tweet your caption!


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kathrynlynch_ 1618 days ago

Chewbacca, Han and Luke just could not figure out what was different about Princess Leia today

TheGeekyFox 1618 days ago

In early stages of production, Star Wars was a musical about a Director who had a vision and a beard

Hurc_ 1618 days ago

George's attempt at air guitar meant Chewbacca wasn't the only big hairy tw*t on set

iSpela 1618 days ago

"And I said, put some more hair into his armpits... it's the 80s, for lord's sake!"

Schumi_JR05 1618 days ago

Chewbacca - "watchya talkin about Lucas"

viceroy_bandito 1618 days ago

No no, the shot is fine guys, it's just...............will it make a toy...............?

TheGeekyFox 1618 days ago

They thought it was some harmless joking, but in 20 years they'd discover just how crazy he was

Billywinkle 1618 days ago

These aren't the guns you're looking for.....

MaximilianJS 1618 days ago

I'd say about this big Peter, but I don't see how that helps with your motivation!

RobertBBrain 1618 days ago

"No gun? Don't worry we're going to finish the effects in 25 years"

MOTjambo 1618 days ago

Chewbacca! Give Rolf his didgeridoo back right now!

DC_Zol 1618 days ago

George Lucas demonstrates how to hold the new Imperial Stealth Blaster

romiutoro 1618 days ago

UUUUUAARRGGGHHH...-Lucas directing in wookie language

sirlarryfleming 1618 days ago

We can't afford guns on our budget, so just hold your hands like this....