Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2846 days ago


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SqueezeboxSarah 2683 days ago

OMG bandgeekhero t-shirt!! I have that logo saved as a desktop and a wallpaper on my cell.

eiaiparadox 2707 days ago

WOO HOO! Chris Daughtry, he's awesome. He lives about 20 mins down the road, love him.

wltzng2slnc 2742 days ago

That shirt is EPIC!

Juiceb0xHer0 2786 days ago

Haha I love your shirt!

lordfogg 2787 days ago

mr.hotter than sin. come and get it

mosoto_com 2793 days ago

hey man cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

gnatlock 2800 days ago

Awesome shirt :)

DrCullenLover 2801 days ago

Love the shirt, Al. lol

redravensounds 2804 days ago

Accordion, bagpipes and Digeridoo! Now THAT would be a sound to recon with!

iceaje 2804 days ago


The1Revolution 2805 days ago

yeah you should dress up like E.T. and sing, "i'm phoning home, to a planet where i belong..." Wait! Dont' steal my idea!

underthelights 2832 days ago

? Wow. You should parody one of Daughtry's songs. It's Not Over maybe? I'm sure would be flattered.

superbeast1975 2832 days ago

accordian Hero now thats a game i could get into LOL. ive got an idea for a song that uses bagpipes with you and chris on the mic. that would be wacky LOL!!!!!!

axmommy 2833 days ago

Diggin' the shirt and the arm candy too! :)

chatmal 2836 days ago

I like the shirt too... I can think of folks to wear it...

truthgirl13 2836 days ago

the bald guy was on american idol.. he goes by daughtry

TigerjagAgain 2836 days ago

Yes, is still in business!!!

Vfdtyler 2836 days ago

That is such an awesome shirt.

Mosh 2836 days ago

I have to make a confession - I have *no* idea who the bald guy is.