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I think this “Light Position” is “Forward.”

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2085 days ago

I think this “Light Position” is “Forward.”


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ChicksRule 2075 days ago

Don't go towards the light...

OscarLari90 2082 days ago

lol turned on:)

marianiitabs 2082 days ago

OMG hahahahahaha

TheBitterLady 2083 days ago

I dont like this corner.When the light says walk"RUN!!"

JaySharky 2084 days ago

Its turned on!! Poking through the pants even!!

JMStardust 2084 days ago


CharlesParentQ 2085 days ago

I've heard of a 'woodie", but a "stainless steelie?"

wtfisyourprob_ 2085 days ago

Looks like up is the skytron position and down is the light position. wtfisyourprob.com

CinLackey 2085 days ago

It's a sad day when a man needs a light to find something that big. Looks like up for "on" and down for "not tonight".

KajaEmilie 2085 days ago


papaya1023 2085 days ago

Elllllllleeeeeen! lol.......

sarndys1 2085 days ago

hahahhaa awesome

originalhippie1 2085 days ago

So that is what they mean when they say, " I have a third leg."

twiry 2085 days ago

umm! k..

TidBitsandWits 2085 days ago

Very sexy.

bosstone2011 2085 days ago

or this could be the new VIAGRA commercial

bosstone2011 2085 days ago

this is more intrustive that the POKE button on Facebook

amazing_bwright 2085 days ago


capricorn1226 2085 days ago

Perhaps this sign indicates that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"

Peacelia 2085 days ago