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2048 days ago


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aditriyatmoko 1906 days ago

and then never search again, osama bin laden..

aditriyatmoko 1906 days ago

bin laden in history on google..

mrslaughalot 2042 days ago

On February 2, 2007 Terry's number (31) was retired at Franklin High School.

devicegadgetcom 2047 days ago

woh... bravo..!!!


angelopf 2048 days ago

Mistery, confusion and ...voila. The result! Great!

MarianSteinbach 2048 days ago

I can't believe you guys use Excel to create charts like these!

supermjr 2048 days ago

I assume initial point on x-axis as baseline # of queries & lines = 200k% query increase from baseline

diegotat 2048 days ago

for sure , it was between 6pm and 12am , that's the only think i figure out from that graphic! :-P

footeball45 2048 days ago

I'm sorry google. I can't date you because of this: http://xkcd.com/833/

_davidgomes 2048 days ago

This is interesting, I'd like y axe information though.

nepalsites 2048 days ago

million % increase in Bin Laden search? No axes description?

martenson 2048 days ago

gloomy satisfaction is in place...not joy

GeoMeek 2048 days ago

google patting itself on the back no news here move along

BeeEyeGeeZee 2048 days ago

LOL i can tell this graph was generated with Excel. You cut off the relevant Y axis..

alhallinan 2048 days ago

So glad he's dead.

Jourei 2048 days ago

This might just be called epic.