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1939 days ago


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ivsonanjos_ 1862 days ago

Love Irina *-*

Soulstripp3r 1863 days ago

Denali *-*

TrespassOutlaw 1891 days ago

I love this picture. The First look at the Denali Coven!! I love the outfits also. So cute!!

laritourinho_ 1897 days ago

Esme, Irina, Kate and Tanya beautiful

kellybrandao_ 1917 days ago

what the hell is Irina doing in the wedding? she's not supposed to be there!damn it! hate when they change the story!

LadyMCullen 1927 days ago

It looks like the blonde in the middle have a brace. But all 4 are totally beautiful! ♥

getadwisaf 1930 days ago

Aaah! Where is Renesmee? I want to see

00d1fi 1936 days ago

Cute,buh I rily wanna c reneesme!!!

Mamakels2010 1938 days ago

god i hate these teesers!!! i cant wait to see the movie!! i adored the book so im just dying to watch the film...

paula3828 1938 days ago

putz essa irina aiiinda vai dar uma dor de cabeça...

Basma_tamam 1938 days ago

From left to right: Esme, Irina, Kate and Tanya
esme looks amazing

TheDaai 1938 days ago

Tanya, Kate ♥ and Esme ! =)

cristinachen_ 1938 days ago

Tanya and Kate :3

gabipaulacorrea 1938 days ago


DashaAnnLi 1939 days ago

Sasha isn't here!
i want to see Irina(i love Maggie so much), but also Carmen & Kate cuz of book^^

DaniiChavezR 1939 days ago

Yeah! i hate Irina too!!

MilkaNMSilva 1939 days ago

Tanya of course! Can't wait to see Bella's face when she meet Tanya 4 the 1ºst time! LOL

JeehMarins 1939 days ago

Tanya & Kate *-* I hate Irina ! u.u

aliceemilie 1939 days ago

Kate...because I want to see her meeting Garrett ;)

xleticias 1939 days ago

as Denali estão absolutamente incríveis :O ansiosa para velas em cena ;)