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CarlosvanDyck1 1225 days ago

hello, wish hot love

sweetness1216 1249 days ago

why is this picture costimg tax payers $???This is not photo shopped just friends an i taken pics.

sweetness1216 1254 days ago

This is a real pic that my fiends i were just taken havin fiun. I don't get y this pic would waste tax payer dollars?? I m a tax payer. An this pic was taken in Tampa Fl. I live right behind golf course????i will post more to show no photo shop done here.

letzo1 2689 days ago


abhiag 2816 days ago

Actually, that looks pretty cool. Sort of understandable why they would prefer an original pic instead of a doctored one. Still, they should have informed and taken permission from the city authorities to avoid this unnecessary mess.

fisher_david 2816 days ago

Glad I am not an american tax payer...

SilentSwede 2816 days ago

Why DIDN'T they Photoshop it? It would have been a lot cheaper than $350,000.

jordandias 2816 days ago

It almost looks photoshopped ...

dondrennon 2816 days ago

New Jersey in the background!?! Good Lord!