Sohaib Athar


An IT consultant taking a break from the rat-race by hiding in the mountains with his laptops.

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1176 days ago


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karmavoyager 1172 days ago

Two wrongs do not a right make. I think America did not do the right thing. See why here

Yadira_25 1173 days ago

It's not nice to kill over 3,000 innocent people which included women and children and Americans are not Barbarians we just know how to take care of our own!!!

tatom2k 1174 days ago

please note that OBL was not Pakistani so not freedom fighter rather he gave just blasts.

spowf 1175 days ago

Abbottabad is beautiful

honeymq 1175 days ago

not nice to kill someone unarmed, especially in front of women and children.
These Americans are arrogant and Barbarians.
No one is perfect, no one is sinless. Its best to forgive , even your enemies.

sportsnhub 1175 days ago

hi,well done sohaib, Hope You will do something for the betterment of Pakistan' s mage.God bless you.

bita160 1176 days ago

i tanks from barak obama and his gruop for killind osamah ben ladan
it can be a caution to other terrorists that one they will kild as same as.
i say to americans and other freedom humans in the world "be happy & peacefull"
bi bip hoooooooooooooooooo

ninersbulls4eva 1176 days ago

i hope the next operation is to kill honeymq

honeymq 1176 days ago

sad and a happy day for some. Late Bin Laden was not a terrorist but a freedom frighter. If you go back in history exapmples such as Mangel Panday, Queen of Jhansi etc. These people did not want foreigners in their land and no foreign intervention.

ElamTseyatas 1176 days ago

It is beautiful there! Be safe and have a nice day!

Motilal46 1176 days ago

Hi Shoaib, Good 2 hear U guys r ok & well even after such an incident nearby.Is this UR rooftop

HostMike 1176 days ago

Your tweets have been mentioned on ALL three letter TV networks in the United States. Good Job.

krrosst 1176 days ago

@ Fatishaikh But I can see media vans (with satelite dishes on the background?

Fatishaikh 1176 days ago

I heard that the media people are not allowed in there!

jayejayedepp 1176 days ago

I feel so connected to this place, those mountains ! I imagine the cool breeze there, awesome tour

memonammar 1176 days ago

Stay safe dude, you know the situation of Pakistan. And please do update us. Thanks!

geeKylie 1176 days ago

AMAZING - im so amazed how well planned out this hideout was. I cant believe you were so close ! when you were complaining about the noise, now I think we can see how noisy it must have been..:)

RockCandy15 1176 days ago

Actually this is pretty amazing!

leointegracao 1176 days ago

The enemy next door rsrsrsrs looking at these pictures I thank God for living in Brazil.

nofear235 1176 days ago