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a true #medmystery  MRI of the c-spine. one of the more rare you will ever see. guesses?

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1673 days ago

a true #medmystery MRI of the c-spine. one of the more rare you will ever see. guesses?


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KiroZeek 1671 days ago

This appears to be a childs MRI. im guessing astrocytoma.

maskbehind 1672 days ago

So Dr. Gupta what's your diagnosis ?

ImKizerSoze 1672 days ago

med school gf - "def whiplash b/c the top vertebrae is broken in 2 places" keep em comin, neuro final on Fri!

Roshni36 1672 days ago

Also excited to see ur Gifford show. As usual it is going to be interesting & full of knoweldge.

Roshni36 1672 days ago

Sir, I don't know the ans.But last week I checked my BP & it's normal. Thx for ur health tips.

erikajas 1672 days ago

cervical myelomeningocele?

ethicalideas 1672 days ago

A puncture wound from Tornado debris

salazat 1672 days ago

a tumor?

Chiroslumber 1672 days ago


GaryP127 1672 days ago

How about, a severe blood clot and damaged spinal cord in the spinal column. Maybe a knife wound?

gelberb 1672 days ago

looks like a dermoid with dermal sinus tract.

gymclinton 1673 days ago

Fibroid tumor?

ashishladgotra 1673 days ago

it could be a meningioma or schwannoma.

Stillarose41 1673 days ago

Looks like a nail or needle is in there. Also a tumor.

SelkieBlue 1673 days ago

Severe Whiplash? Something has torn not only the spinal cord but muscles & tendons as well. Would this cause paraplegia?

AishaS08 1673 days ago

drjofin 1673 days ago


MizFurball 1673 days ago

Yikes, Dr. House! Looks like a mouse to me. But Cameron will be here any minute to help.

DavidWohl 1673 days ago

Demeaning Plebney?

mochibeats 1673 days ago

Meningioma or Schwannoma.