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Some people deal with Curries better than others......

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1852 days ago

Some people deal with Curries better than others......


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bwhitmire89 1844 days ago

Hm...maybe this is why you were "arrested" lol

Rachelray92 1848 days ago

Aww Poor Paul it almost make you feel bad for him... but then again haha. :)

jnlfoot 1851 days ago

Great pic, Damian! Really conveys the moment. LOL

valpo42 1852 days ago

Did you make it? You'll be poisoning each other. Better get someone who can cook. LOL

TeamDamoCT_fans 1852 days ago

Great, now what did you do to him Mr. Damian? ;)

hawkzprincess07 1852 days ago

aww poor paul! it's okay! i know its hard with damo around, but it'll get better! promise! lol :)

asiapoindexter 1852 days ago

He's so sad his curry is almost gone poor Paul lol jk

star_fire_wolf 1852 days ago

poor Paul! But it looks like a lot of fun!

TrudyMiner 1852 days ago

Damian, what would Paul do without you?

Pammie_99 1852 days ago

Nice one... glad to see you guys having so much fun... and fun at pauls expense lol

Meghan_R_O 1852 days ago

Paul (: love it Damian (:

crazycelticteen 1852 days ago

haha paul... nice one Damo

meagab11 1852 days ago

rotfl lol wow damian lol lol that made my day right there

rickysbear 1852 days ago

Poor Paul (><) But,I want also to eat it (^0^)

erynlaer 1852 days ago

LOL. I cannot blame him. x

BAM0314 1852 days ago

btw, damo you make a great photographer. ;-P

Lizette_9 1852 days ago

I also think that Pauly is shedding a tear because you two finally got to hang out w/ each other

BAM0314 1852 days ago

great pic damo! haha I love spicy food. Curry is sooo good!!

KimPiper1 1852 days ago

must be HOT !!!

patbky 1852 days ago

That what I would look like if I ate Thai curry. Poor Paul!