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Does that include college tuition?

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1977 days ago

Does that include college tuition?


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milianski123 1974 days ago


TheBitterLady 1974 days ago

No you cant have it!You said you'd clean up after the puppy and we know how that turned out!

JaySharky 1975 days ago

I would HOPE that people wouldn't want to beat them. They're all so cu--Oh my god, its ALIVE!

EggWithCharal 1975 days ago

Only at Walmart???... jejeje

capricorn1226 1976 days ago

Perhaps this is one way to explain friends with benefits.

ElenaNarcisa 1976 days ago

This is the cutest thing ever !!!

MeganWehle 1976 days ago

i WISH. That I could afford

turkey_esra 1976 days ago

haha .i think 'no' :) this is so funny.

DR_H_W_ 1976 days ago

If only that's where babies really came from!

thestupidnorway 1976 days ago

That's actually how osama was hiding to, when they found him..

jessyjazzjess 1976 days ago

haha that's sooooo funny:):) i love it!! i would buy one!!lol.... can u follow me pls

ShY_Caamille 1977 days ago

we don't have that in France ... LOL :p it's cuuute

Saeshmea 1977 days ago

He doesn't look very happy... but it's so cute^^

audacious_lass 1977 days ago

this is shooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

mswaichingliu81 1977 days ago

he sure looks glum in there. i'd feel the same too if i was stuck with some furry toy animals

animalluver9400 1977 days ago

LOL! damn cute!

jackzooo 1977 days ago

awwwwww how cute!!

Akeb0shi 1977 days ago

Lol adorable. But that frog is a bit scary...

luvsmybeg 1977 days ago

Oh my goodness that is cute!

LeMyrn 1977 days ago

This is adorable. LOL. I think I'd cry if that big frog was next to me, he's a big frog. Hahaha