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I looked out at my audience today and I saw something I’ve never seen before. Me.

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2090 days ago

I looked out at my audience today and I saw something I’ve never seen before. Me.


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B_J_B_B 1982 days ago

Oh wow!!! Look at this: http://twitpic.com/686g2w/full

nina_mota 2081 days ago

you really look the same... you're soooo funny.. lv ur show

Maha1ELF 2084 days ago

oooo myyy gooooood you look the saaame 8O wooooooow

LiveLoveSwift 2084 days ago


my_diaries 2086 days ago

Wow :D haha she very looks like you :D

andressa_adh 2086 days ago

better than 1? only two of you *-*

ChristieWelton 2088 days ago

Omg, that is amazing ! She even dresses like Ellen. :) Thats hilarious. :D

heartfehoko 2089 days ago

you're gorgeous :)

CamilaRaga 2089 days ago

Ellen since colombia YOU ARE TWICE IN A PHOTO ! :)

capricorn1226 2089 days ago

She'd definitely make a perfect Underwriter for when you want to take some time off.

IsabelleVKH 2089 days ago

Didnt your mother tell you... you were à twin seperated at birth? LOL

Isabella_Espo 2089 days ago

wow you honestly look like twins...so funny

HayleyBeischer 2089 days ago

That's amazing.

Fuzzycoconut65 2089 days ago

no offense, shes lovely, but you my friend are BEAutiful, truely u are,.not blowing smoke up ur.....vest?? ha!!!

MrDamienS 2089 days ago

Ellen that woman can be your stunt double or she can be your sister from another Mr.

LWlovesGAGA 2089 days ago

Haha that just made my day

_heyitsshelby 2089 days ago

o wow ur definely the one on the right lol thats hilarious

mynameisbelieve 2089 days ago


pinkhart09 2089 days ago

lol that's so awesome !!

BrunaLSouzaa 2089 days ago

hahahah that can't be coincidence..