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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

If there is a more peaceful and beautiful place to write than @amandapalmer's attic in spring, I cannot imagine it.

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1941 days ago

If there is a more peaceful and beautiful place to write than 's attic in spring, I cannot imagine it.


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LynneSp 1939 days ago

The patch of leaves in the bottom left hand corner confuses me, is that in front of u or is it a reflection?

grey_prince 1940 days ago

That is so amazing. ♥♥

Nin_FM 1941 days ago

beautiful indeed

GraveyDice 1941 days ago

Wow. Just wow. Make me think of the Coromandel in NZ. Spiritual home.

fabiolahopeful 1941 days ago

I see time and space bent there...your own little bubble universe?

katemckinnon 1941 days ago

Lee's space is mindbendingly good.

RAH_HELL 1941 days ago

i want to live there!! this is so beautiful...

brainwashedcom 1941 days ago

it actually is called "the treehouse" - been to many a party there back in the day!

neverwear 1941 days ago

looks like a museum back room...

Kambrieldesign 1941 days ago

I love that attic space... is the wisteria over the front door in bloom yet?

Lady_Delirium 1941 days ago

I absolutely adore this picture. Beautiful!

20Netti08 1941 days ago

I'm trying very hard to figure this picture out. Wait! I think I got it. Ok. Cool!

lauriedtmann 1941 days ago

Looks more like a treehouse than an attic. Way cool!

The_Biureitor 1941 days ago

This is an interaction between Morpheus and Phantasus? ^^

daneoshiga 1941 days ago

it's in some kind of another dimension?

djdain 1941 days ago

For a second, I couldn't wrap my brain around how this was photographed - like some 4th/5th D space

JimboRish 1941 days ago

Amazing. It's like something out of one of your Endless stories.

JenGon 1941 days ago

It reminds me of a hidden object game I used to play... very cool.

RockingJamboree 1941 days ago

Strange and wonderful. But, at twilight, it would look like you were in the gizzard of Cthulhu.

Ikchen 1941 days ago

Wow. That looks fantastic :)