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I was once the best Terrorist of all time!

seriously fox news?

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1670 days ago

seriously fox news?


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nestea_lemon 1668 days ago

lol is it real???

ZackCarbon 1669 days ago

Leave it to Fox to pull something like this.

srknthk 1669 days ago

Mind blowing epic disastrous fail.

khaivox 1670 days ago

this is the best thing i've seen all day

Ironman_E 1670 days ago

Yea.. I can totally understand how this can happen.. <because the B and S are so far apart with these guys>

Saleen302 1670 days ago

Okay this isn't Fox News...this is a smaller news station which does FOX40 News...not the same

hhhaaallliii 1670 days ago

i'll believe it when i see pictures

CarolinaIraola 1670 days ago

hahahahahaha!!!!! F´ ing amazing!!

CraBbyNodOki 1670 days ago

one and the same as far as Fox is concerned :P

peterducharme 1670 days ago

That's just the Fox News spellcheck program doing what it does best.

shitirfansays 1670 days ago

You are all a bunch of morons. This is fake...

NaomiVGoodman 1670 days ago

That intern just got fired.

no_landerson 1670 days ago

Freudian slip?

TeriWanderi 1670 days ago

Typical FOX FAIL 0____________________________0

TulioVinicius 1670 days ago

FAILL O__________________________P

GramercyGal 1670 days ago

Why people even watch this station is beyond me!

MidnightMusso 1670 days ago

Haha that's a pretty funny FAIL!

Springfart 1670 days ago


VeraFurtado 1670 days ago

obama "osama bin laden dead" assim q seria

VeraFurtado 1670 days ago

obama "osama bin laden dead" assim q seria