Sohaib Athar


An IT consultant taking a break from the rat-race by hiding in the mountains with his laptops.

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2093 days ago


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RushTheRhubarb 2083 days ago

Talk Abottabad place to hide! (cue facepalms/groans)

KEIYH 2087 days ago


Catballou 2088 days ago

Btw, thank you for sharing your experience. It is refreshing learning about the world without going through the distorted MSM lense.

Catballou 2088 days ago

The streets are so clean. It reminds me of wine country in Northern CA, USA. I wonder if they grow fruit such as grapes in this region.

bennishiroor 2089 days ago

This is the reason why #BarackObama is so successful in killing #OBL.. He had special blessings from #Rajinikanth.... #Rajnikanth via

N3t4 2090 days ago

it looks so quiet!!!

jonothon77 2091 days ago

what a surprise to find such a beautiful town here!

yogeshpagar 2091 days ago

Don't believe my eyes, the town could be so beautiful. I guess it is the next mysterious morning.

BeatriceLacy 2092 days ago

It looks so quiet and peaceful. It is frightening to know what was hidden behind this facade.

redtabulation 2092 days ago

nd this 1 looks so dead because its relatively new. Jadoon plaza. Or city smtng. dey chngd d name

redtabulation 2092 days ago

For everyone who is curious, this is not a street. We have these oblong commercial places here.

hina_79 2092 days ago

The "Saloon" is actually a Salon - just spelled incorrectly:)

ayesha_maalik 2092 days ago

Never thought people would be tweeting in my city about Osama death..nice to meet you.

Krev_Production 2092 days ago


mothnm 2092 days ago

Golf course close to OBL compound on Google map. Ever golfed with a tall, reluctant stranger?

raindrop800 2092 days ago

I have been to this beautiful town, it is very peaceful and absolutely gorgeous!! People are a bit sleepy and confused here so maybe they actually did not notice a suspicious looking character strolling down their streets :)

lilydecarlo 2092 days ago

Is this place always as busy as this pic,

ColonelKernel 2092 days ago

Does that "saloon" serve alcohol? Surprising, not that I know anything about #muslim countries.

LindaReis1 2092 days ago

Amazing how one person can become so popular. Looking forward to seeing you on our talk shows. Should be interesting would like to hear more on your hide aways in the mountains

MichaelNic357 2092 days ago

I wonder if this Nawab place is part of the restaurant chain in Virginia ;)