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Great Job, Fox40! Classy.

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1849 days ago

Great Job, Fox40! Classy.


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SCMediaInc 1848 days ago

It happens sometimes in a "rush effort."

ChrisTamits 1848 days ago

Osama - Obama, kinda see the reason for the error. its a simple error.

SophieSoSweet 1848 days ago

Super Fail D:

atthejfs63 1848 days ago

BTW gemini this is local fox news with this typo. Im sure heads are gonna roll over this one.

phil_nomad 1848 days ago

It's not the first time Faux News has made this particular "typo"

RustyBertrand 1848 days ago

Stay classy! #osama

branflake2267 1848 days ago

I love this kind of advertising :)

evandrodlborges 1848 days ago

geminidoll123 1848 days ago

FOX is just filled wid bunch o overpaid pompous actors/asses, Typo my ass. When is FOX gonna get off d I HATE OBAMA campaign trail n do some real blasted UNBIAS reporting. News is suppose to be FACTS not personal vendettas n opinions. Dats y i stopped wa

mlanger 1848 days ago

Epic #FAIL, FauxNews!

Infernal_Racket 1848 days ago


Nyllondeee 1848 days ago

I wanna see hus dead face! Cus im just like St. Thomas...

Nyllondeee 1848 days ago

I wanna see hus dead face! Cus im just like St. Thomas...

femig83 1848 days ago

hating ass motherfucking Foxnews

HillaryPaige47 1848 days ago

LMAO oh no think someone at "fox40" is gonna lose their job?

Super_Crazy_16 1848 days ago

RT : Ben Laden "mort" : l'image diffusée est un photomontage "...................... IT'S FAKE " BEN LADEN IS A LIVE

bear_feet 1848 days ago

What a bunch of tools.

digiprintsie 1848 days ago

The pressures of reporting Breaking News, and how Social Media will not allow errors be forgotten.

f_etcovitch 1848 days ago

Freud explains...