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1674 days ago


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the_opus 1673 days ago

Oh noes!!! They got the wrong guy! ...bin "Laden," not bin "Landen" What do we do now Scooby? #facepalm

ricardocarreon 1674 days ago

Que les parece la noticia de la muerte de Osama Bin Laden de Fox News?

rikkisixx 1674 days ago

The version translation most often used by English-language mass media is Osama bin Laden. Most American government agencies, including the FBI and CIA, use either "Usama bin Laden" or "Usama bin Ladin", both of which are often abbreviated to UBL

TuesdayOn 1674 days ago

FOX news confrims things better than any other network.

JoSpiv 1674 days ago

I'm Confrimed it! FOXNEWS are a bunch of idiots.

kennrussell 1674 days ago

"Usama" is not the problem; it's the "Landen" and the "Confrims."

stillchip 1674 days ago

Yep it has definitely been confrimed

seanrainer 1674 days ago

It's a translation issue. Both are correct.

minion5051 1674 days ago

Ooh Geraldo!

bunnykillskid 1674 days ago

Same spelling from the FBI's most wanted list... just sayin :)

RoamingRebee 1674 days ago