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love you guys. Iyanla trended tonite. Thanks for joining #OprahLiveTweet.

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2048 days ago

love you guys. Iyanla trended tonite. Thanks for joining #OprahLiveTweet.


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laricewinborne 2048 days ago

love you always oprah !

JamdungPrincess 2048 days ago

Love u Oprah..such an inspiration to me.

VoncelleVolte 2048 days ago

As said "Charred but not burned" Sent her the tweet ... Sustaining Faith http://ow.ly/4KQfa

VoncelleVolte 2048 days ago

God is proving His point about Sustaining Faith between , my blog http://ow.ly/4kQfa, & Iyanla.

jccalza 2048 days ago

You're the best, all of us like to watch you.

MarieTherese39 2048 days ago

♥♥▉▉▉♥♥♥▉▉▉▉♥▉▉♥♥♥♥♥▉▉♥▉▉▉♥♥ ♥♥♥▉♥♥♥♥▉♥♥▉♥♥▉▉♥♥♥▉▉♥♥▉▉♥♥♥ ♥♥♥▉♥♥▉♥▉♥♥▉♥♥♥▉▉♥▉▉♥♥♥▉♥⋕Եժ ♥♥▉▉▉▉▉♥▉▉▉▉♥♥♥♥▉▉▉♥♥♥♥▉▉▉♥♥ l

TidBitsandWits 2048 days ago

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Rosie 2048 days ago

i wish i spelled it right - i coulda helped

Tash1216 2048 days ago

AWESOME! Love u back...blessings and Happy Sunday! #OprahLiveTweet

MarieTherese39 2048 days ago

Hello, Oprah, I'm completely lost with all the tweeting. I keep talking, anyway, but wonder am I only talking to myself, as I do not get any response from anybody. I'm a big Irish fan. :-)!

almondravyn 2048 days ago

Oprah, We love you right back! Thanks for creating these wonderful Sunday evening #oprahlivetweet fests. What do you call us...Twits? I forget

SharlineN 2048 days ago

Love you too Oprah :-)))

_MyTeenaqeLifee 2048 days ago

Oprah follow mee back pleasee, ♥